What it is and what it isn’t

Stained GlassWhat Christian Science IS:

  • Christian Science is a branch of Christianity based on the divine laws of God which Christ Jesus came to teach and practice.
  • Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • Christian Scientists strive to practice Christianity as Jesus did, including spiritual healing in all areas of our lives. It has naturally become our system of health care.
  • Christian Science is the Science of Christ’s Christianity, a way of life and religion for those willing to think and prove things for themselves. It provides a spiritual view of Biblical truths that give deeply-reasoned answers to questions such as What is God? Who am I? What am I? Is there life after death?
  • This Science does not use material means and methods. It teaches that the law of the Almighty naturally applies to healing as much today as it did in Jesus’ time, for God’s law must necessarily be unchanging.

What Christian Science IS NOT:

  • Christian Science is not Scientology.
    A common mistaken identity. However, outside the minor similarity in the name, they are entirely different.
  • Christian Science is not a cult.
    There is no brainwashing, mind control, or blind following of a leader. Christian Scientists do have a deep respect and appreciation for the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, but they do not worship her. Nor do her works replace the Bible. A lifelong student of the Bible herself, Mrs. Eddy’s writings are filled with references to the Scriptures as “the chart of life” and “the sufficient guide to eternal life.”
  • Christian Science is not an attempt to combine or correlate the Bible with the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.)
    The term Science is not in reference to physical sciences or human philosophy, but rather to the practical divine Science of God’s infinite, spiritual creation.
  • Christian Scientists are not forced to refrain from medical care nor ostracized if they choose a medical or alternative treatment.
    Christian Scientists respect the medical community in their humane efforts to reduce suffering. We want the best health care for ourselves and our families. Based on healings that we have experienced, we normally find Christian Science treatment as our most reliable system of health care.

For public research feel free to stop by the Christian Science Reading Room or take a look at the following website for accurate and helpful information: Christian Science Committee on Publication for Southern California