Testimonies of Healing

Given by Members and Attendees of First Church of Christ, Scientist ~ Yorba Linda

Attendee and Church Pianist
“Several years ago, my son suddenly lost much of his vision and sense of balance. He was taken to the ER and diagnosed with a blood clot in his neck and brain. My husband and I flew to San Francisco to be by his side and I immediately turned to prayer for my source of strength and comfort. After several days of watchful waiting and no surgery, we learned he had lost consciousness. We ran the four blocks to the hospital and the words that came to me were by Mary Baker Eddy – “For those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.” Through my tears of fear, I said to myself, out loud: “For those leaning on the sustaining infinite”, ‘that’s me, God’, today is big with blessings.” I said this over and over until we reached his room. There he was, completely conscious and aware of his surroundings. They did a full round of medical tests and found the blood clot had dissolved. His vision was completely restored and there was no evidence of any damage to his brain. He was released the next day and has been completely free ever since.”

“I became a student of Christian Science many years ago while employed as a nanny for a family with a 2-year-old daughter. On Sundays, I would accompany the child to her local Christian Science Sunday School and during the time she was in class, I started attending Christian Science church services. My first healing involved annual bouts of hay fever from which I had suffered all my life. The child’s mother told me that I could not suffer any bad effects from the smell of anything that God had created. How could a beautiful rose cause me suffering? Very soon afterwards I realized I no longer experienced outbreaks of hay fever.”

“Having attended a Christian Science Sunday School as a child, I stopped going while in college and through my twenties. In my late twenties, several warts appeared on my hands and knee. I had them medically treated but they grew back. Because some other things were happening in my life about that time, I decided I needed to return to church. As I began attending church regularly, I sought healing of the warts through prayer in Christian Science. I spent time studying the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and gradually, as Paul says, ‘put on the new man.’ During this time of prayer and study, I found inspiration and healing can come in surprising ways. One day while getting a haircut, I was looking at the barber pole and thinking about how medicine has changed so much over the years and probably will continue to evolve. We’ve gone from blood-letting to today’s current methods, but the laws and promises shared in the Bible haven’t changed. I stayed with that thought and the following weekend after cutting the lawn, I sat down and noticed the wart on my knee was gone. I then looked at my hands and they, too, were free of warts. It was remarkable. That healing took place nearly 20 years ago and the warts have not returned.”