About Us


In the summer of 1964, two students of Christian Science, feeling the need for a local church, contacted other Christian Scientists living in the Yorba Linda area. An organizational meeting was held in October 1964, and plans were made to establish a Christian Science group. The Masonic Hall on Main Street in Yorba Linda was chosen as a location for services. In preparation for the first service, First and Second Readers and a Board of Directors were elected by the membership, and a Sunday School superintendent was appointed.

The first services were held on Sunday, December 13, 1964, and included Sunday School and church services. The first Wednesday evening testimony meeting was held on the following Wednesday, December 16, 1964.

By-Laws drawn up by the By-Law Committee in April 1966 were accepted by the members.

In March 1966, the group received formal notification from The Mother Church (the Christian Science headquarters) in Boston that this informal group had been recognized as Christian Science Society, Yorba Linda, with 13 charter members.

A Christian Science Reading Room was opened on October 4, 1967. The first Christian Science lecture sponsored by the Society on April 14, 1968 was held at Yorba Linda Junior High School and was given by Mr. Charles M. Carr, a member of the international Board of Lectureship.

On June 30, 1968, the Society moved its services and Reading Room from its Main Street location to a rental property at 4862 Olinda Street. Remodeling of the property had been previously done by friends and members.

In 1977, the Society purchased the present property, 18343 Lemon Street, from Pomona First Federal Savings and Loan. Extensive remodeling of the building was done almost completely by members. All previously used chairs, Readers’ desk, and other furnishings were incorporated into the new edifice. For the first time, the church auditorium, Sunday School, Child Care, and Clerk’s Office had separate and spacious facilities. The first Sunday service at this location was held on September 18, 1977.

In late 1977, the Society applied to The Mother Church for full recognition as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Yorba Linda. Approval was received from The Mother Church on January 30, 1978, followed by a change in incorporation according to the law of the State of California on June 12, 1978.


The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Yorba Linda was officially dedicated on Sunday, March 25, 1990, with a special service at 3:00 pm. A history of the Church was read. Following the service, visitors were given a tour of the facilities.