Supporting Literature

From the early days of the Christian Science movement, the church has kept the information about Christian Science accessible and current through a network of periodicals.

  • “The Christian Science Sentinel” is a magazine published weekly by the Christian Science Publishing Society. It is an ideal introduction to Christian Science, including topical articles, editorials, and accounts of healings from a Christian Science point of view.
  • “The Christian Science Journal” is a magazine published monthly by the Christian Science Publishing Society, “…designed to bear aloft the standard of genuine Christian Science.” It is designed to demonstrate the practical applications of Christian Science healing practice. Instructive articles and verified reports of Christian healing give the reader a working understanding of the principle and practice of Christian Science. Each issue also contains questions and answers about Christian Science, as well as book reviews, artwork, interviews, poems, and a worldwide directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, churches, Christian Science Reading Rooms, Christian Science nurses, and Christian Science organizations at universities and colleges.
  • “The Herald of Christian Science” is published regularly online and/or in print in 14 languages. Similar to the Sentinel and the Journal, it gives readers around the world practical examples of the availability and applicability of the laws of God. And similar to the Journal, along with articles and testimonies of healing, the magazines include a directory of Christian Science churches, practitioners, teachers, and other listings applicable to each language.

Those investigating or studying Christian Science may also benefit from some useful application software packages such as the following:

Found Volumes: An easy-to-use computerized index of over 120 years of back issues of the “Christian Science Journal” and “Christian Science Sentinel”, referencing over 90,000 articles dating back to 1883.